Mobile Marketing Automation
Make every mobile moment count!
MobileBridge enhances your existing Apps,
enables 1:1 personal, contextual mobile
customer engagement, delivers mobile
customer loyalty, unlocks revenue potential.
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Create rewarding and meaningful dialogues with your customers through relevant and personal mobile experiences.

MobileBridge key features:

Mobile Marketing Automation

Empower your app to engage in a long term relationship with your customers. Create and boost loyalty through mobile.

Integrates in existing and new apps

The MobileBridge plugin integrates into your existing and new Apps. Rapid and risk free rollout allows going live tomorrow.

1:1 Mobile Customer Engagement

Interact with precision contextual relevance. Engage personally with videos, games, polls, surveys, coupons, rewards, loyalty points, messages and more.

Leverage your CRM and loyalty systems

Leverage existing systems and create the perfect cross channel harmony. Turn existing or new data into meaningful mobile moments.

We have built a rich set of features.
Having your business and mobile strategy in mind.
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MobileBridge key benefits:


Maximise the value of iBeacons by making the Beacon experience more contextual and engaging

Geo location and fencing

Harness "always on" location aware capabilities to your apps

For new and existing apps

Easily and rapidly added to your existing apps. Instantly driving acquisition, retention and value.

Native content user experience

Deliver an exceptional user experience with native coupons, gamification, push messages, loyalty cards, vouchers, rich messages, videos, polls and surveys

External CRM support

Extend and enhance your existing digital ecosystems properly into mobile


Gain insights to your iBeacon, apps, campaigns and your mobile audience in real-time

Personalisation and audience mgmt

Make the most out of every customer interaction by personalising the engagements and experience

Mobile customer journey automation

Easy to use tools to create engaging and rich cross-channel mobile customer journeys


Growing market complexity and customer expectations require powerful and easy to implement solutions.
Solutions that your brand and your customer benefit from.

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Dedicated to customer success.
Here is what some of them say:


Robert Tibbs
CEO, Forbes Digital Commerce

"We searched hard to find the right technology partner for the Forbes Digital Commerce mobile strategy. We are very happy with our choice of MobileBridge, which delivers an amazingly effective 1:1 mobile app engagement technology which is added to existing apps as well as new ones."

Michiel de Gooijer
Director of Mobile, Digitas LBi NL

"Integration of the MobileBridge marketing cloud functionality has proven to be amazingly easy and fast for any new or existing mobile apps. The rich "out-of-the-box" functionality of the MobileBridge marketing cloud also helps us significantly improve the user experience of mobile whilst reducing cost and time of delivery", "We also appreciate the productive partnership with MobileBridge and their support for our projects and customers."

Tom Mohrmann
MD Tivall-Nestle (Benelux)

"We have been searching for quite a while on how to get a full 360 approach in communicating and connecting to the end consumer. MobileBridge is offering us this 360 solution in a very cost, resource and sales efficient way. We are very happy with this technology that so far nobody could offer us."


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Set brands up to better engage consumers in the mobile space.


There is CRM and then there is MRM - MobileBridge integrates both with a brand’s app and with its traditional CRM partners.


What’s New for App-based Marketing Relationship Management.



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