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Mobile Bridge is the world's most advanced mobile app marketing cloud.
We enable marketeers to create, manage and automate rich mobile customer journeys, which are ultra personalized, location and behavior aware - delivering an exceptional user experience through mobile.


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Mobile App engagement

Engage your customers on their mobile devices at the right time, location and context. Interact with "out-of-the-box" personalized engagement assets such as games, coupons, push messages, polls, rewards, surveys, videos, loyalty cards and many other assets. All native, on iOS and Android. Created in minutes.




Mobile customer journeys

Create personalized, rich, automated, mobile and cross channel customer journeys, automatically adapt and react to individual customer preferences and behavior in real-time, delivering an exceptional branded mobile experience in existing or new apps with practically zero time to market.




Audience Management

Engage and interact with the right audience utilizing automated multi threaded profile management, allowing you to interact with your consumers in a fully personalized manner across mass audiences using an unprecedented number of attributes, complemented with data from external systems.



Actionable analytics

Collecting big data is a challenge. Using it effectively in real time is even a bigger challenge. Achieve unprecedented data intelligence by turning mass data into holistic real-time automated customer interaction and engagement. Have easy access to real time tracking, reporting and insights.



External Systems Integration

Unleash the real power of mobile by breaking down the silos between your mobile channel and your existing CRM, POS, social media, automation and ecommerce applications and services allowing you to create cross-channel, customer journeys targeting the mobile-first customer using mobile, social, online and offline channels.



Location Based Marketing

Add real-time, always-on location awareness and intelligence to your mobile customer journeys. Interact with your customers at the right time, location and context both indoors and outdoors using iBeacons and multi-stage geo-enabled mobile engagement. Our proprietary location algorithms are low power, adaptive, always-on and fully cross-platform.



Building a customer journey
simple as Plug&Play
combining these features:


Mobile customer journey & Marketing automation

Geo Location Proximity  


Multi Stage Triggers  

Sharing Triggers  

Time Triggers  

External Triggers  

Poll & Survey Triggers  

Commercial Triggers  


Audience & Location Management

User preferences  


Poll & Survey Answers  


Purchase Behaviour  


Location History  

Social Advocacy  

External Data  

Mobile Engagement, Promotion & Loyalty


Coupons, Offers  

Loyalty Cards  


Push Messages  

Promotional Games  

Rich messages  



Insights & Actionable Analytics

Engagement Demographics  

Location Spread  

Data Export  

Survey Results  

Push Campaign Success  

Poll Results  


App Usage  

Conversion Results  


Make your apps an active
part of your strategy


An example automotive manufacturer use case:


Customer gets a promotional email  

Customer gets a personalized in-app coupon in context with CRM and Mobile Bridge data  

Customer stores coupon in in-app wallet  

Pricing is contextual; Coupon is behavior aware  

Customer shares coupon on social media and is rewarded with an extra discount  

Customer drives near dealer  

Proximity engine is always on and senses location  

Customer gets a reminder and an extra incentive  

Customer visits dealer  

In-door proximity engine is alerted  

Customer checks out at cash register  

Customer is sent a satisfaction poll  

As a thank you for filling the poll a reward is offered at the customers birthday  
A market leading premium tire manufacturer decided to deploy a "mobile first" strategy to connect with their customers in order to improve conversion and overall customer experience. The brand has been using several channels including mobile, social, web and print for promotional marketing, decided to deploy Mobile Bridge for creating rich mobile customer journeys and to integrate other channels into these journeys. Integration of Mobile Bridge functionality into their existing app was quick and within a day,
the marketers were able to start leveraging new functionality incl. location management and geo services for indoors and outdoors locations and the audience manager to deliver personalized, contextual engagement. The brand's goal is to move from printed, email or web based promotions into personalized mobile promotions and to be able to leverage data from their CRM systems for targeting and personalization and to create "closed-loop" journey by integrating the POS systems to the mobile app.  


Our Management



Lior Lavon

16 years of experience developing in various technologies (including iOS, Android, Web, DB, Java, C++). Experience in leading technology development teams in startup and corporate environments.


Herve Kaploun
VP Sales, MSc, MBA

20 years of management, entrepreneurship and sales experience in various software & technology companies including VC financing of $100M + and and exit of his company (Interwise) to AT&T for $150M.


Lilach Pollak
VP Finance, CPA, MBA

16 year of experience in finance, accounting, management, audit and company administration.


Mika Alapiessa
VP Partnerships & Alliances, MSc

Formerly Adobe Digital Marketing partnership VP with 20 years of experience in strategy, management of partnerships, channel sales and business development in technology companies across various regions.


Eyal Oster

Eyal who drives the company’s vision and strategy is a passionate technology evangelist and entrepreneur has served in various executive and leadership roles in various technology companies and startups. Eyal holds a BSc in electronics and computer engineering from Tel-Aviv university as well as a Masters degree in business administration from Manchester Business School.



Franco Bondi
VP Business Development, BSc

20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, sales, sales management & financing of startup companies. Co founder of Jakala (EUR 360M revenue) & Quadrante (Digital agency - Volvo, Ferrari, Lamborghini,...)

Our Board



Shlomo Cohen
MD Intel (Netherlands)



Ariel F. Lüdi
CEO hybris software (SAP)



Brent McLean
CTO eBay (Europe)


Some of our partners

Partnerships are in our company DNA. We are proud of our partner ecosystem because we believe that our partnerships with global, regional and local agencies, VARS, other ISVs and digital tech companies will help us to maximize the value of our solution for our customers. We have a comprehensive partner program with great incentives and an enablement program for all partner profiles, resulting in a productive partnership within a very short time frame.  

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