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JULY 11, 2016

MobileBridge and GetConnected Join Forces to Deliver Agile Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – JULY 11, 2016: MobileBridge, the leading provider of mobile marketing automation solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with GetConnected Srl, an Italian software house in Bologna specializing in Mobile Commerce Solutions. This partnership provides brands an amplified, end-to-end mobile solution able to be deployed quickly to engage and delight customers.

This powerful alliance is a natural fit as GetConnected and MobileBridge share the same vision; driving contextual and engaging mobile customer experiences – an absolutely fundamental part of building a viable mobile commerce strategy reflective to contemporary market trends and oriented for mobile-first solutions. The goal of this partnership is to apply an “agile” approach also in mobile commerce app development, mobile marketing and engagement and customer service in an all-around solution that addresses the real needs of companies, mobile users and which capitalizes on the fast-paced mobile revolution.

Global mobile data traffic grew 74% in 2015 and 89% of this traffic was due to smartphones1. This mobile revolution means that brands and companies need to improve their m-commerce strategies, utilize mobile marketing solutions and enhance the mobile user experience. In fact, 2 years ago many marketers were faced with the “mobile first” phenomena, nowadays – an increasing amount of users are becoming “mobile only” – which on one hand is an opportunity, but on the other hand, it creates a strong challenge for many marketers.

Thus, this collaboration is a very powerful mix, coupling MobileBridge’s mobile engagement and marketing automation solution delivering extraordinary mobile app experiences and at the same time, GetConnected’s expertise in mobile commerce, app strategies and overall omni-channel services will complement the overall package for fast delivery to market. Customers will benefit by seeing real business results through successful execution of omnichannel strategies through overall digital services designed for highly personalized user experiences.

“This partnership with GetConnected is very exciting, we have already done some beautiful work together and becoming a strategic partner will increase our mutual capabilities. Combining the very strong team, the enormous knowledge and of course the Italian passion for beautiful design and user experiences makes GetConnected a fantastic match for us,” comments Eyal Oster, CEO of MobileBridge.

“When we first looked at MobileBridge platform it was love at the first sight. It was the first time we saw a mobile marketing solution that really could empower today’s social brands in a mobile-only world! And we have used many other platforms before. We met with MobileBridge and found a sharp and visionary company that shares our vision. We were hooked. Now we’re putting this partnership to work delivering the state of the art mobile solution for mobile-first brands altogether,” Alessandro Rizzoli, Co-CEO of GetConnected.

About GetConnected
GetConnected is a fast-growing Italian software house with a lot of experience, that provides professional consultancy and develops tailored products to big enterprises. Listening, expertise, design and innovation are our keywords: the work process starts from the listening of the real needs of our customers and the consultancy to design high-level products with the newest and innovative technologies. GetConnected’s approach is focused on agile methodology to develop products that can allow teams and businesses to manage project in a most collaborative and efficient way.

GetConnected provides services in software development, application and omnichannel solutions, system integration, mobile-first strategies and R&D.

MobileBridge is the leader in mobile app engagement and analytics. Our platform provides businesses the power to easily deliver compelling mobile experiences that lead to conversions. Through rich, interactive native assets, customers create dynamic, contextual mobile experiences for targeted segments. As a cloud platform, we easily integrate with all existing systems such as CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce or other to connect data to build true 360 views of your customers.

Real-time analytics provides insights into customer behavior and enables teams to make informed business decisions quickly. With offices in Boston, Amsterdam, and London, we help companies like Volkswagen, Pirelli, and Burger King elevate their mobile apps to engage users, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue. Learn more at, check out our blog, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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