Portaltech Reply

Corso Francia 110
10143 Turin – Italy

Media & Entertainment

Key Capabilities
Mobile Strategy
Mobile Development (both iOS & Android)
Web eCommerce

Who We Are and What We Do

Portaltech Reply is the leading Hybris partner with offices in London, Chicago, Milan and Dusseldorf. Portaltech Reply is the Reply group company specialising in the provision of eCommerce implementation and multichannel consulting services. The company has gained substantial experience in eCommerce since inception in 2000 by working on some of Europe’s largest eCommerce and MultiChannel retailing projects. Portaltech Reply is dedicated to Hybris technology and is the world’s most experienced and respected implementation partner with Platinum Elite status and winner of 3 Global Partner of the Year award.

Thanks to the partnership between Portaltech Reply, a leading SAP eCommerce Partner, and MobileBridge, brands are able to deliver a superior online experience to their customers. In fact, the SAP eCommerce software delivers the functionality and business tools organisations require for fast, effective implementations and provides full scalability and flexibility in terms of growth. In addition, the platform offered by MobileBridge enables 1 to 1 mobile customer dialogues. All these factors allow brands to create true omni-channel customer experiences for their customers. The two companies are partnering and collaborating at both the technological (with the integration of the Portaltech Reply eCommerce implementation with the MobileBridge framework) as well at the business level where the focus is the cooperation between the Sales and Marketing functions at an international level.