The holidays may be the biggest spending season of the year, but behind the scenes, retailers are stressed out like crazy! Fulfilling the bottom line is a given, but fulfilling customer demand is another obstacle. Because of ‘mobile mania’, the bar is set high. Customers expect their shopping experiences to be served on all devices and channels including mobile, desktop or in-store. They also want the best deals, the rewards, the surprises and the freebies this holiday season. Therefore, it’s imperative for retail marketers to execute a successful, yet also creative mobile holiday strategy. But where to begin? Fear not, you’re reading the right checklist.

We’ve curated a ‘go-to’ checklist on what you need for your mobile holiday strategy. Even if you only check off a few items off the list, consider yourself ahead of the game.

1. Grant Special Rewards For Customer Feedback

Your customers deserve a little reward after sending their feedback. Whether you arrange an in-app survey, a customer poll or simply another way to gather feedback, make sure you award them. Offer a discount, points or a new status in order to incentivize their participation in customer feedback.

mobile holiday strategy

2. Inspire Shoppers During the ‘Browsing’ Stage with Videos or Rich Media

Users often do research via product videos/demos to make the best decision. According to Google, “on YouTube, mobile watch time for product review videos has grown 60% year over year.”

3. Tap into Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing is a huge discipline where simply marketers can reach customers in different locations. Whether it’s through indoor beacon ranges, to geo-targeting areas, marketers can tap into virtually anywhere where’s there’s a signal like GPS, BluthTooth to name a few.


4. Go Omnichannel 

Apps, mobile sites, in-store (brick and mortar), web/desktop, smart watches, tablets, and in general the Internet of Things (IoT) are a plethora of ways to reach your customers. Are you readily available to cater to them on all channels and devices?


5. Send Friendly Reminders on Basket Items

It can’t hurt to remind your user about an item sitting idle in their mobile cart or basket. Why not send them a friendly push message, in-app message or another asset that’ll notify them about their mobile cart?


6. Offer at Least One Holiday Sales Promo

As a test, offer a holiday sales promo on one channel that needs a lift. Let’s say you’d like to increase your engagement on your new app. Why not target your online shoppers and in-store shoppers with an advertisement to download and sign up for your app. This is a great way to start onboarding your customers through the app. Make sure you keep up the mobile engagement well after your holiday promo sale is over.


7. Know and Segment Your Customers

Customer insight starts with good, actionable data. Do you have the capability to intelligently segment and profile your customers? The more specific you target your customers, the more personal your engagement can be with customers.

Your potential target group

Your potential target group

8. Offer a Gamified Journey In-Store or in the App

FAW-Volkswagen China did. Check out how they engaged their mobile audience with an auto shop gamified mobile journey using beacons and loyalty points.

Demo Volkswagen China apps

Demo Volkswagen China apps 

9. Give Away Bonus Loyalty Points for Holiday Spending

Why not reward your customers a little extra loyalty boost for simply the sake of the season’s giving?

holiday mobile strategy

10. Send a Holiday Greeting Card/Gift

One of our customers did a fantastic job of creating rewards for their user base. Give them a treat (gift) to remember or send them a friendly season’s greetings in-app message card.


If you’d like to get more out of mobile, check out our mobile commerce page.

Good luck on your mobile holiday strategy and happy holidays!

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