Ciao tutti! We are super excited to sponsor and attend DroidCon.  DroidCon is a global developer conference series that takes place all over the world.  It’s a network focusing on the best of Android. Designers, developers, UI/UX experts and marketers will meet in Turin, Italy 6-7 April 2017. 

The conference program showcases the latest technologies & techniques on everything android. Consequently, we’re expecting an audience of over 850 people to attend DroidCon this year.  It’s an ideal place to meet other experts, software & service providers.  There will be high-level talks from different parts of the android ecosystem, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions and games. There will also be a major hackathon for two days following the conference. Here are a few sessions we will host.

Session I: User Experience – What Matters


LOCATION: Sala Madrid 

DATE: 6 April 2017

TIME: 12:30 – 13:20


Our VP of Partnerships, Mika Alapiessa, will discuss user demands in a mobile-saturated world.  The problem is that brands are still struggling to keep pace with changing customer habits. The statistics show that not only consumers are always connected, but also that smartphones are increasingly used even while shopping.  Apps are widely preferred over web browser. In short, the revolution is underway, but most companies hesitate to capitalize and try new technologies.  Therefore, they miss out on opportunities targeting potential buyers through mobile. In this talk, Mika will highlight a recent MobileBridge report which reveals what will unfold for mobile in 2017. Also, he will share best practices on how to engage customers through various touchpoints like proximity marketing.  The talk will also use some real cases as examples.

Session II: From Journey to Code – How to Implement User Journeys in your App Using MobileBridge

lior_140LOCATION: Sala Lisbona

DATE:  6 April 2017 

TIME: 15:10 – 16:40


Lior Lavon, our CTO, will share a presentation about our mobile engagement & analytics platform including a hypothetical customer journey.  The customer journey will introduce the developer to the world of a marketer and how mobile engagement campaigns are configured in our platform. Regarding code, Lior will share MobileBridge SDK for Android in addition to the support of a bare bones Android app.

Additionally, we are also pleased to support our partner, Synesthesia.  Synesthesia is a company specialized in the design and development of digital solutions for mobile and web. They are the organizers of this great event and we are looking forward to helping them make this event a success.

In the exhibition area, other sponsors will showcase their latest hard and software solutions.  For example, they’ll showcase their solutions phones, tablets, consoles, wearable, auto, SDKs, APIs, apps, and widgets.




"<yoastmarkOverall, Droidcon Italy is the fourth edition of the series. We are pumped to see the very best Italy has to offer in everything android!





DroidCon Android Event Links

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To find the schedule of the event, click here.

To register and buy tickets, click here.

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