2017 will be the year of mobile engagement. But how far have we come? What are the significant trends in mobile technology that will turn our world upside down? Our Mobile Marketing Trends 2017 Report divulges opportunities for mobile success in the coming year.

Our report examines the key findings from a digital world that propelled into a mobile-driven one.  We’ve surveyed digital marketing leaders from diverse industry backgrounds and different locations in Europe and the United States.

The mobile revolution has not only created an entirely new channel for organizations to access their consumers, but also a new way to engage with them. Now brands can reach customers at the right mobile moment when customers are researching a product or ready to purchase. Likewise, customers can access their favorite brands and companies within fingertips or ditch a brand within seconds thanks to the crowded marketplace. Compared to other technologies, mobile has grown exponentially faster than desktop considering that it took years to convince us to purchase products from our desktop computers. So let’s dig in and find out what mobile trends will unfold this year.

One area of opportunity involves organizations’ top mobile initiatives for 2017. Some insights from the Mobile Trends Report include:

  • The top two responses of organizations’ top mobile initiatives were to build a responsive website (59%) and build a new mobile app (54%).
  • Only 35% of respondents would like to revamp or upgrade existing mobile apps as part of their plans.
  • Considering that 57% declare they already have a mobile app, not including to revamp or upgrade that existing app is a huge missed opportunity to leverage existing assets and resources.

Mobile Marketing Trends 2017 covers many areas, including how senior digital leaders are approaching mobile, what their main priorities are, and how their teams handle mobile challenges. The report also flushes out the elements of a successful mobile strategy. Specifically, the fine balance between resources and effort to select the right mix of mobile initiatives that give impactful results. Lastly, we delve deep into best practices that organizations are executing from their mobile strategies.

Find out more by downloading our Mobile Marketing Trends Report below:








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