We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with Synesthesia, a firm located in Torino, Italy which specializes in design and development for mobile, web and eCommerce solutions. Synesthesia has worked with big A-list brands including, but not limited to Eataly, Ferrero, British Telecom and an additional partner of ours, Portal Tech Reply. With this new partnership, our respective solutions will empower brands to drive exceptional mobile experiences while delivering responsive design, premier development and integration across the web, eCommerce, in-store and mobile space.

According to a recent quote from a Google report, “Companies that have captured the full customer journey by integrating multiple sources of data are generating up to 8.5X higher shareholder value.”[1] MobileBridge integrates data to/from eCommerce, POS, and loyalty solutions, while Synesthesia integrates with, including but not limited to, cloud services, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) and marketing automation platforms.

Naturally, the partnership is a match considering the advantage of massive integration across platforms from both companies while leveraging the bond of exceptional omnichannel experiences paired with mobile marketing automation. The new mobile-first generation is demanding and likewise, it’s an ambitious undertaking. However, if brands take on the undertaking as an opportunity by adopting smart solutions like MobileBridge and Synesthesia, then brands can unlock amazing growth and capitalize a piece of the multi-billion dollar-worth mobile market. If you’re interested in becoming a partner with us, please see our partner page here.

[1] https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/research-studies/why-customer-analytics-are-key-creating-value.html


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