Mobile Customer Engagement & Loyalty

What is Mobile Customer Engagement & Loyalty?

Customer engagement is the act of connecting with and captivating your customers through communication or actions.  Customer loyalty is a consumer’s propensity to visit and make purchases from the same business on multiple occasions. While customer loyalty can be fostered through quality products and exceptional customer service, when a company also excels at customer engagement strategies, loyalty can become stronger.  

It’s not easy to master multi-channel customer engagement, it’s even harder to create a consistent and rewarding omnichannel experience.

But when your business truly begins to understand the behaviors, wants, needs and pain points of your customer, you learn exactly how to interact with customers in a meaningful way. With this insight, you can begin to craft mobile experiences that engage your customers. Quite simply, as you make the information and experience they desire accessible to them, your customers (or potential customers) will be apt to spend more time with your brand.

What does better mobile customer engagement mean?

  • More interaction with your digital assets including apps and websites
  • More purchases made, whether via ecommerce, mcommerce or brick and mortar locations
  • More use of new products, promotions and special offers made available to customers
  • More information on your customers’ behaviors and preferences
  • More word-of-mouth and online referrals driven by customers to their networks  
  • More revenue

And most importantly, more loyalty. You want more of your ideal customers choosing to do business with you again and again, because they’re passionate about your brand and what you offer from products and promotions to engagement activities. If you know how to leverage mobile engagement strategies to provide value you’ll be able to cultivate consumer loyalty.

How To Increase Customer Engagement & Loyalty

There are a number of ways you can enhance your mobile app to increase engagement and build passionate advocates.  Whether your goal is increasing engagement or answering the basic question of how to engage customers at all, consider first how your target audience is spending its time online:

  • Are your potential customers playing games? Gamification of apps and reward programs can increase interaction and frequency of use.
  • Are they coupon-clippers motivated by limited-time-only offers? Special offers, discounts and free gifts can make for compelling customer engagement content
  • Are they opinionated? Asking users about their preferences, what they like about your brand, or what they wish you offered makes customers feel invested in, while also offering you viable business improvement ideas.  

These are just a few of the many mobile customer engagement methods you can introduce in your brand’s app to drive traffic and conversions. Consider the demographics of your target audience and how they might influence how your audience spends time on their mobile devices. Introducing the appropriate engagement opportunities can breathe new life into apps that are failing to achieve their intended goal (for instance, to drive purchases), and help to improve the user retention rate of an app that sees little activity beyond the initial download.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Engagement

People spend a lot of time on their phones these days…

We check our phones before we roll out of bed. We check them before we drive, after we park our car, while we’re relaxing, and when we’re in the middle of a busy work assignment. We engage with our mobile devices constantly.

More and more personal and work-related business is taking place on mobile devices. This means engaging with customers on mobile devices is a necessity, not an option. If you aren’t providing answers for customers where and when they’re seeking them, another company will. You’re not only not taking advantage of an opportunity to grow your customer base – if you don’t engage them, you’ll lose your customer base.

Using the principles of app gamification to improve customer engagement on their app, Volkswagen was able to see a 60% adoption rate of users who enrolled in an in app program designed to encourage users to view more vehicles, for a longer period of time.

Today, it’s not just all about app downloads. Your mobile marketing strategy must seek to boost engagement. Building an app? Don’t just focus on why users will download it. Focus on why they’ll keep your app on their phone.

How MobileBridge Can Help

Every day, MobileBridge helps companies better leverage customer engagement opportunities. We provide easy-to-implement solutions that allow customers to interact with your brand whenever, however they want. From in-app messaging, social media integrations, games, quizzes and more, MobileBridge can make your app experience more entertaining and effective.

MobileBridge is a versatile mobile customer engagement platform built to help you to see what’s working and to continuously improve and measure your mobile experience. Already have an existing app but think your app could do a better job driving mobile customer engagement and loyalty? Don’t start from scratch, just leverage what you already have! Get in touch with MobileBridge. We can help guide you in the right direction.

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