Mobile Segmentation and Automation

What is Mobile Segmentation and Automation?

Mobile marketing automation is the process of engaging consumers through the programmatic delivery of content to user devices. The format, frequency and messaging of the content is triggered by factors like user behavior, location and other pre-set criteria.

Mobile segmentation is the strategic grouping of mobile consumers into “like” groups (otherwise known as personas) based on actions, interests, demographics or other touchstones.

These two technologies work in tandem to help provide targeted user experiences and cohesive customer journeys. In addition to serving customized content to relevant audiences, you can create self-operating workflows that save time and reduce the effort involved with standard marketing processes.

How Does It Work?

The short answer is: mobile automation works by integrating with your mobile app, tracking user activity and responding automatically with pre-established content. Once installed, this technology collects and analyzes data through several methods, including:

  • Geo location tracking
  • In-app preferences
  • Purchasing behavior
  • System configuration
  • Beacon technology

After automation software has been integrated with your mobile app, you can begin creating specific workflows and sequences of content designed to offer personalized user experiences.

Mobile segmentation and automation technology also increase your capacity for data collection and analysis, allowing you to capture more information as users engage with your brand. Mobile marketing automation software can also integrate with your CRM to aggregate even more information regarding your current customers and prospects.

Why Should You Utilize Mobile Marketing Automation?

With automated mobile processes and workflows, you can increase engagement with users through content like polls, surveys and games while decreasing the manual effort that goes into the delivery. In addition to the customization of content and the time-saving trigger-based sequences, automation collects essential user data.  

Automated mobile technology provides actionable analytics and business intelligence that can prove vital to learning about and connecting with your audience. When layering your existing app with market segmentation and mobile automation tools, you can significantly increase knowledge of your customer base and develop campaigns to attract new leads based on data trends and analysis of user behavior.

Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of mobile automation and segmentation:

  • Develop loyalty programs for repeat business
  • Increase user engagement when using your app
  • Determine purchase intent
  • Establish and engage with user segments
  • Target specific users when they visit your location
  • Engage users with interactive games, polls, promotions and surveys

How MobileBridge Can Help

MobileBridge is a sophisticated mobile marketing automation solution that gathers intelligence and integrates with your mobile app and CRM to fill in the gaps that exist between the two. This innovative platform gives you the ability to create customized user experiences and the capacity to execute one-to-one marketing campaigns. The multi-faceted integrations and scalability give you the freedom to increase your content and escalate engagement as your audience interacts and grows.  

Versatile and easy to use, MobileBridge also captures in-depth analytics and customer data, allowing you to build full-scale, automated marketing campaigns. The actual marketing intelligence you’ll gather from user app activity, buying behaviors and location awareness provides vital insight for developing and implementing truly compelling strategies.

Through data collection, segmentation and automation, you can engage more customers, leverage proximity marketing, increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty, all while reducing manual effort. With this powerful technology you have the ability to increase efficiency and captivate your audience.

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